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Published: 05th April 2011
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Japanese Techno System Research of the Hsiu-mediated in April 27 at the "7th Seminar TSR Council 2010 ", the introduction of high-growth LED backlight LCD TV for the next trend. Prior to this site has introduced the LED backlight from the Department of the supply of materials, as well as major LCD panel makers to analyze business strategy point of view of the contents of the coming market trend. This article will introduce LED backlight LCD panel technology.
  The cost of the edge emitting type of progress
Hsiu-mediated one of the trends that is luminous as the edge of the mainstream type LED backlight, low-cost technology. LED position with both sides reduced from four sides, and then further reduced to one side.
Around 2009, four sides are equipped with LED up and down the way the mainstream. However, in the spring of 2010 models, only the up and down both sides of the LED is equipped with a standard way. Thus, "the cost can be reduced by 30%" (Hsiu-mediated). Moreover, South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers are expected in the first half of 2010 production by some light or off with the up and down both sides of the LED, and thus partial control of LCD brightness. As the sheet guide plate, so to form a shadow will be fuzzy. The purpose of this practice is used to heat the largest measure, Hsiu-mediated believes this is "necessary for the edge emitting type of technology."
Hsiu-mediated predicted mid-2010 "will be 32 to 37 inches for the center, appears below with LED only way." In this way both sides were equipped with the way the upper and lower compared to the use of LED number can be reduced by 30 ~ 40%, so panel makers this plan "a significant reduction in the second half of 2010 32-inch panels cost" (Hsiu-mediated ). In addition, as more than 40-inch panels, is expected to be followed on both sides of the up and down with way. Reportedly, many panel makers plan to reduce the light guide plate rather than unilateral with LED, to reduce costs.
Hsiu-Kai also pointed out that "although a follower, but appears to consider the way around on both sides with panel makers." It is reported that in June 2010 will begin shipping around. Carried out with both sides of the way, has been carried out in April by the Sharp technical publishing. It features up and down as you can in the direction of X-ray scan on the back, it can be used for frame sequence (Frame Sequential) display, 3D display, "crosstalk" (Crosstalk) measures.
As the light guide out of stock, direct type backlight unexpectedly attention
Edge light type is the mainstream now, although in the future more likely to become mainstream, but because the first article in this series described the light guide out of the question, direct type LED backlight (no local brightness control) unexpectedly attention. By the way LCD TV Sharp representative example is published in September 2009 the "LED AQUOS". Hsiu-Kai pointed out that the direct type may be a serious shortage in the light guide plate when a strong alternative.
Approach is the subject of a direct type backlight unit of thickness. 5cm LED set interval of the original when the thickness of the backlight unit is 2.5cm. Used to shape the characteristics of ultra-thin LED backlight LCD TV, the thickness of a big obstacle. However, the situation has changed recently. Direct type approach in order to reduce the number of LED's use of general use lens cap (Lens Cap). Improved through the lens cap can be the thickness of the backlight unit, "thinning to 1.5cm" (Hsiu-mediated).
LCD panels will increase the transmission rate to 7% more
In these ways, the LCD panel to improve the transmission rates are conducive to reducing the number of LED's used, and therefore is very important to promote cost reduction. On the LCD panel to improve the transmission rate, Hsiu-Kai also pointed out the future trends.
Hsiu-mediated first noted that the year 2010, the transmission rate of LCD panels will increase to 7% more. By using the light into 2009 with the technology, and improved color filter technology and copper (Cu) wiring technology, the major panel makers are expected to achieve more than 7% of the LCD panel transmissivity. In addition, Hsiu-Kai also noted that there have been "in 2011 to 8 ~ 9%" calls.
Improvement on the color filter technology, Samsung Electronics and Taiwan's AU Optronics (AU Optronics) are considered in the TFT backplane is equipped with color filters of Color Filter on Array (COA) technology. In addition, Sharp is promoting the use of the RGB 3-color 4-color added to the yellow color filters. Copper wiring technology, through the use of low-resistance wiring copper wiring materials to reduce the width of the aperture ratio can improve the panel. South Korea's LG Display and other companies being developed.
In addition, the transmission rate by increasing the panel can be used to reduce the number of LED, but can not reduce the number of light guide. Hsiu-Kai said guide plate out is a very serious problem, in a speech last Hsiu-mediated again pointed out the importance of the issue.

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